Customer Feedback

  • Using at 15% concentration in olive oil:

When used topically, analgesic effects were close to topical lidocaine for pain and inflammation of bone spurs within 5 minutes. This resulted in less or no use of Ibuprofen and its side effects of long use and steroid shots into joint were not necessary.

CBD oils had not been effective for any of the above..

15% applied beneath nostrils brought relief to headaches following first and second Moderna vaccines.

After a chemical burn Devilsclub [EO] was applied to the burned, blistered, and extremely itchy area twice daily.  Relief was instant for the itching and chemical burn reduced each day an almost normal appearance with 1 week.  Washing with lavender scrub brought no comfort.

I usually describe wound healing with the scab reducing over the healing process and the underlying skin remains pink and not toughened.  Small garden scrapes and dermatitis healed differently [after using the devilsclub essential oil]. Areas were healed and of matured cell color with the scab to be last to leave.  

I’m glad I have had a chance to use Devilsclub.

Hope you always have a bottle for us to purchase. -April 2021

  • The essential oil relieves tingling pain when nothing else would help- November 2020

  • The oil is amazing.  I have used this on my thumb to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and it worked great for several days after one application.  I have used this on a burn on my hand which helped it heal very fast.  It also works wonders for spider bites.  Highly recommended by a Happy User. -June 2020

  • I soaked my hand overnight in hydrosol -using a rubber glove- for 5 nights and have had full use of my hand and no arthritis pain for a month. -November 2019

  • Since the initial use of your devils club oil on my two thumbs for the carpal tunnel pain a week ago….I used it a second time and the same small amount and rubbed it on both thumbs – more as a preventative measure because I knew I’d be busy day and night at the computer for 2 days.  I’m still pain free.  -November 2019

  • I soaked my feet on Wednesday night, it was great… Thank you for letting me try this amazing stuff! -October 2019