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My oldest son has severe acne and has been on Accutane for 4 months with little improvement. He has been using the facial serum for around 10 days. The difference is night and day as the acne has almost cleared up completely. Highly recommended.

You asked the other day what would happen if my eldest stopped using the facial serum. Well, he kinda experimented. The acne came back, in force, on the untreated area of his face. I took Isotretinoin when I was a kid too (Accutane) but it doesn't seem to do much for him. About three days give or take. The only time it cleared up even close to this is when he was on Keflex. And of course, you can't stay on that for very long but the devil's club is safe to use over the long term. Uses it every day, but could probably do every other day.

Pretty much every day but I'm not sure it's necessary to treat it daily. My youngest had his first pimple come up this weekend. He's getting your serum this week. I'd like to prevent the scarring I've seen with my oldest (and myself, although his was worse).

1 month follow-up:
We got your sample of the cedarwood serum. My son says it is not overpowering. We're going to order additional serum. The dermatologist was so impressed with how it worked that she took him off Isotretinoin!

1 month follow-up:
My son hasn't had to use any more serum. It seemed to clear up his acne permanently. He is happy about that- just in time for a summer vacation trip. Mine appears to be a tougher case with a viral component. The serum works on me but doesn't hold those results. I end up having to use more and sometimes I take Acyclovir along with it. Either way it works just one seems to be permanent and the other requiring multiple applications over multiple outbreaks.

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