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Therapeutic Uses

Essential Oil
of Devil's Club Bark

*Laboratory analysis of the essential oil was conducted and the top 29 components by concentration were identified.  Each of these were researched in the national medical and industrial databases. 84 laboratory studies and published articles were reviewed; they provide detailed usage and effectiveness of these compounds.  Common categories were consolidated and summarized in this table.  This data represents the findings of the medical and scientific communites as of October 2021; it does not constitute a medical recommendation or claim to cure or treat a medical condition and have not been evaluated by the F.D.A.        

Although essential oils are primarily judged by the effectiveness and therapeutic use of the primary constituent (component), the essential oil as a whole should be evaluated for effectiveness against both category of ailment AND specific use and condition for treating an ailment. 
The chart below shows the cumulative potential uses of the constituents of devil's club essential oil (from branch bark) in various categories and is meant as an example of the diversity of potential uses and possible synergism between the components
As with other essential oils, it is not equally effective against all conditions; most of the findings are results of laboratory studies on cells or animals- which don't always translate to humans.  Additional clinical trials are desired.



Cancer treatment (brain, breast,cervical, colon, gastric, leukemia, liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, skin)

Antiparasitic (anti-schistosomal,anti-leishman, lice, other)

Antibacterial (topical, internal, and for surface cleaning); staff infections



Antifungal (topical and for surface cleaning)

Anti-inflammatory (general, bronchitis, back inflammation, hepatitis)


Ulcer treatment

Disease treatment (chagas, malaria, parkinson's, schizophrenia, tuberculosis, AKI- acute kidney injury, ALI- acute lung injury and pneumonia, HPV)






Pain relief, chronic (anti-nociceptive)


Skin penetration enhancer for topical medicines


misc- DNA repair/function (2.55), uterus relaxant (2.55), stimulate autoimmune system (2.55), women's health (1.8), cellular membrane stabilizer (.38), brain cell protection (.37), diuretic/laxative (.35), sedative (.29)

% of bark oil ingredients which research might help 





















.29 - 2.55

Customers report that devilsclub distilled oil (essential oil) is as effective as CBD essential oil at managing chronic pain- at a fraction of the concentration. There are no common active ingredients between the two.

There are a number of uses for devilsclub in Native American medicine.  Below is a chart showing the numbers of times a remendy appears in native literature by nation.

Native Nations uses of devilsclub

A webinar about historical and modern therapeutic uses was recorded on 2/17/2021 and is available hereThe accompanying slide deck is available here.

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