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Current research focus
Potential therapeutic aspects of the primary constituent of devil's club essential oil: nerolidol

 Significant Studies

Nerolidol significantly improved locomotor activity, reversed motor incoordination and cognitive impairment, and reduced the AChE activity and oxidative/nitrosative stress. The present study demonstrates the promising neuroprotective effects of nerolidol, which might improve the quality of life of TBI patients.

Despite the fact that the studied sesquiterpenes acted as agonists of the PXR receptor, they

possessed only a weak or no influence on the expression of CYP3A4, CYP2C, CBR1, and AKR1C at both the mRNA and protein levels.  It seems improbable that the studied sesquiterpenes could significantly influence the bioavailability and efficacy of concomitantly administered drugs. Therefore, serious herb–drug interactions with the studied sesquiterpenes are not expected.

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