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About Us

  Early in 2019 I used the aromatics from a stick of Devil's Club to treat a persistent lung infection I had and also used some stripped bark to successfully treat a skin condition on my hand.  Soon afterward, I boiled some bark for my wife to treat high blood sugar.  Seeing that there were so many different treatments from Devil's club, I began researching its tribal uses and medicinal properties.  I was convinced that the Devil's Club products were "good for you", but what about it was of medicinal value? 


After finding a published list of the components of an essential oil (made from Devil's club by PH.D botanist Herbert Strobl, et. al.) I decided to duplicate his research methods and determine if the bark from Southeast Alaska contains the same components as the bark from British Columbia that he had tested.  Building and configuring the lab took several months and more research, but I finally produced some oil in the same way that Dr. Strobl had done.  I sent it out for lab testing and the GC/MS results came back showing very similar compounds and concentrations as Dr. Strobl.  Several months of research later, I had uncovered the significance and medicinal properties of each of the top 30 components of the EO (essential oil) that were in my EO- as described in the published work of medical and chemistry journals and the national institutes of health database. 


By this time, I had expanded my chemistry lab and purified water system, and was refining the processing techniques.  The EO, hydrosol, and tea had helped many of my friends in a variety of ways and I decided to begin selling it to try to recoup some of my research costs-  Southeast Devil'sclub was formed.  The "made in Alaska" permit was obtained and logo added to the product labels. 


Quality controls and harvesting standards were defined and built into the operation; and repeated 3rd party lab testing (GC/MS) ensures that the EO remains at the highest purity and consistency across batches and changing processing procedures.  Because of the unique way I process the bark and distill it, I'm able to produce therapeutic grade (free from contaminants) in the chemistry lab throughout each season of the year.  I continue to make small batches in my garage in Juneau several times a week.


We can't promise any specific results or medical benefit because every person is different and reacts differently to medicine; we can present the findings of the medical and scientific communities and show the results they have seen.  The EO is very powerful and can change the way the body uses other medications and also increase their potency, so it's recommended to check with your health care provider before adding any medicine (including essential oils) to a regimen.


Our mission is to make the amazing medicine in Devil's club available to everyone for the improvement of quality of life.  Much of my research is published on this website for your review.

If you have a treatment that works for you, great!  Keep using it.  If there's something causing quality of life problems that nothing seems to help, perhaps consider trying devil's club essential oil as an alternative.  Many happy customers are glad they did.


Wishing you the best of health...  Mark Dundore

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