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Pain Management, Inflammation, Wound Healing


I join the entry with acclaims for application to chronic inflammation, associated pain, and wound care.

I use a 15% in olive oil topically applied in skin over the area of the metatarsals (the ridge where clogs are worn) where I have bone spurs. It is an ever chronic pain also aggravated by certain shoes and full day activities. The discomfort interrupts sleep. The DC

Is working better than ice. And most swell and discomfort disappears within 15 minutes.

My genetics are very Scandinavian. Recently had skin cancers removed by burning. The area was around the wrist where a cuff may rub. The wound looked angry. Applied the 15%in olive oil to the wound and rubbed in. Within 2 days the wound looked healthier but as the scab falls off the arriving surface skin is matured.

I weave baskets. I have shared the 15% DC in olive oil with fellow weavers to relieve the discomfort from repetitive movement in the thumb joint.

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