From the Alaskan Rainforest

Devil's Club

(Oplopanax horridus)

A plant native to the northwest coast of the US and southeast Alaska. It grows from 3ft to 14ft high and is known for its spiny bark and large spiny leaves.  Devil's club has been used for centuries among Native cultures for a variety of remedies due to its wide range of medicinal properties.


Our goal at Southeast Devilsclub is to make the amazing healing properties and health benefits of devils club essential oil and hydrosol  available to everyone who is in medical need of them.


This essential oil is very potent and often used as a substitute for a wide range of pharmaceutical medications- with good results. It is not an air freshener or general use fragrance.

We respect the environment and devil's club role in overall wellness. Our hand-crafted products are made from devil's club which is responsibly wild-harvested year-round from the Tongass rainforest near Juneau Alaska.

The therapeutic grade essential oil is distilled using highly purified water and laboratory grade equipment.  To ensure the consistency and integrity of the product, the steam distilled oil is analyzed and certified by a 3rd party testing lab regularly.  Our commitment to purity drives continual improvements in the manufacturing process.

Due to our unique processing methods, the essential oil and hydrosol are not seasonal products, but are available year-round at full potency.

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New Research shows that the main ingredient in Devilsclub essential oil can prevent damage from pneumonia and respiratory viruses.  Essential oils contain highly concentrated organic compounds which have known medicinal and health benefits.  Consult someone knowledgeable in their properties before use.

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