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Covid, Body Aches, Headaches


I ended up getting COVID the second week of May 2022. I am also not vaccinated. The first day my symptoms were body aches and a slight headache. I used the devils club essential oil, I got from Mark's class that he had earlier in the year. I placed it on my temples and on my achy joints. Within about 30 mins the headache and the pain in my joints were gone. On the third day, I felt like I was swallowing glass. I put a couple of drops of the devils club oil inside a metal bowl and added boiling salt water. I placed a towel over my head and steamed my face and was breathing the devils club steam in. After about 15 minutes I started to feel some relief, but my throat was still a little sore. I decided to do it again later that night and my symptoms went away completely! Now the only thing it did not get rid of was my exhaustion but not having body aches, headaches, and the feeling of swallowing glass has definitely made me want to write a review and show my appreciation to something that helped me get back to normal within just a few days of getting COVID. Thanks Mark!

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