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Pain Management


I just thought Id give a quick review of this salve. I had been having terrible neck pain for several months. I tried ice, cbd oil, massage and chiropractor visits to no avail nothing seemed to help. I had gotten a sample of Mark’s devil’s club salve and I figured I’d give it a try. If you’ve ever had chronic pain you are pretty much willing to try anything. It took one day and the pain was gone. I preparation for the pain to return I did the same procedure the following day. This is what I did. I used a percussion gun from the bottom of the shoulder blade to the neck. I applied salve. I applied an ice pack. I went through two ice packs. The salve was the only thing I did different from any other time. I had tried to alleviate this neck issue. As I write this review it has been a couple weeks and I’m still good. I this review helps someone.

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