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Hi there. I just want to tell you about my experience with Devil's Club. I have had really good results. I haven't used my inhaler for about a month. So the other day I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and could hardly move my arm. Then I took a few sniffs on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night I told my husband that I wasn't going to the gym because my shoulder hurt so much. Monday morning I was able to go to the gym because my shoulder was almost fine again... there is nothing else that has helped me...

I'm excited! I haven't had anything that works so well for my fibromyalgia before. I was about to give up hope after 5 days of using the inhaler and thought that I would just wait until a week had passed. And ”YES FOR SØREN” it works, after 8 days... I've come so far that I can go down and train without being exhausted later in the day or the day after.... I just had to see if it was Devil's Club or my imagination so I stopped for a few days... And I could feel it. So I'm in. IT WORKS... All the other medications have been tried and don't work- getting only side effects. I've even been on mofin for several years, which has worked a bit at first... But now I always have the inhaler on me because then I can sniff whenever I need to... Thank you

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