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Pain Management


Hi Mark: on Aug 20th, 2022 I fell and Dislocated my shoulder and broke the top of my humerus bone, I was medivaced to Anchorage where a team of doctors were able to put me back together without surgery, however the nerve damage and torn muscles and tendons after a month my arm is still swollen and I experience sharp pain like needles being shoved into my arm and waking from the pain every 3 hours, was hard to get moving the next morning. I was trying everything from pain patches, to Aleve, Tylenol, IB, nothing worked for the pain Until I saw that sm blue jar next to my recliner of your Devilsclub 1% salve, I don’t know why I had not tried it before maybe because it was to painful to touch my arm, But today I use it to sleep and now I am sleeping almost 6 hours a night without waking up in pain Thank you for this wonderful Blue Jar of Devilsclub salve.

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