devilsclub essential oil - 5ml front view

Devilsclub Essential Oil- 5ml

100% therapeutic grade essential oil made from the distillation of pure water (using a .5 micron 5-stage reverse osmosis filter) and freshly harvested devil's club branch bark from the forests of SE Alaska.


This is pure, distilled oil; it does not contain alchohols, carrier oils -like olive/coconut/canola oils, or any other additive.


Please read the Care Instructions below prior to use.


**Due to the time required for the distillation process and the high demand, this item is sold in the order requests are received.  To be added to the list, please drop a note using the contact section on the first page or send an email (


Care Instructions:

  • As with any essential oil, this is a concentrated oil and should be administered carefully and diluted as necessary.  Dilute as needed with a carrier oil.
  • DO NOT USE IN AN OIL DIFFUSER in large amounts.
  • Avoid ALL contact with eyes and area around the eyes.
  • Cleanup with a carrier oil (olive, etc.) only.  This oil is water-resistant.
  • When used topically, first apply to a small area of skin to test for allergic reaction.  In the event of allergic reaction, rinse with olive or carrier oil and discontinue use.
  • This essential oil can interfere with prescription medications.  Please check with your healthcare provider prior to taking this or any other medicine.
  • This product has a strong detox effect.  Remember to drink water and stay hydrated when using the oil in undiluted form.